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Hexagram-A figure of six lines, consisting of broken and solid lines in sixty-four variations, and has been used through the years for DIVINE guidance. See I CHING.

Higher Law-Guiding principle of morally proper or DIVINE law.

Higher Self-A person's essential self, or fundamental nature, or the SOUL.

Hinduism-Is not listed by many texts as a RELIGION per se, but rather a variety of religious POLYTHEISTIC BELIEFS and practices making up the major Eastern RELIGIOUS traditions of the Indian subcontinent, and is not based on any one set of beliefs or way of life. The worship is centered mainly on the worship of KALI, a Hindu goddess. Hindu's believe that the basis for all reality and existence is BRAHMAN. Hindu's BELIEVE that the universe is a great, enclosed sphere, or cosmic egg, in which there are numerous concentric heavens, hells, oceans, and continents, with India at the center. They believe that time and life is cyclic (not linear), and quality of a new birth is conditional on accumulated merit (or demerit) that has been committed. It is believed that release (MOKSHA) from that KARMA can be achieved through SAMSARA, namely the renunciation of all worldly desires. Unlike CHRISTIANITY, there is no single authority, or set of formalized CREEDS, and no historical founder.

Holiness-Having no defects, or stains of character or action. To be separated from the irreverent and the sinful, and to be close to GOD.

Holiness Code-A collection of several laws in Leviticus 17-26. A large section is devoted to rules of sexual activities for the Jewish people. In addition, there are laws regarding The TEN COMMANDMENTS, laws of priests and sacrifices, the Sabbatical year, blessings, and ritual and ethical laws. The Jewish people are directed to be holy in the ways that GOD is HOLY.

Holistic-The concept that deals with the complete, functional whole of something and not the separate parts, and the understanding that the relationship between those parts exceeds the sum of the individual parts. Could also mean balancing the body, mind and the spirit for complete, integrated health.

Holistic Spirituality-A life that encompasses not only SPIRITUALITY in general, but also includes the HOLISTIC idea that includes nature, art, concern and benefit of others, and the adequate concern for one's own body.

Holy Bible-The SACRED text of Western CHRISTIANITY, which is composed of the Old and New Testaments. The OLD TESTAMENT is a history and narratives of the ancient Hebrew people over a thousand-year period, describes God's covenant with the Israelites, and is used as a basis for religious teachings of JUDAISM and CHRISTIANITY. The 27 books of the NEW TESTAMENT contain various discourses on the life and teachings of JESUS CHRIST and his followers. Through the years the Bible has been marked by extensive assessment, controversy and debate. In 1945, the NAG HAMMADI GOSPELS were discovered, and caused much controversy because of the different views of RELIGIOUS matters compared to the traditional doctrines of the BIBLE. Barnes & Noble Encyclopedia and Encarta Encyclopedia are interesting sources of more information on the BIBLE and the Holy Bible. See also NAG HAMMADI GOSPELS in this lexicon and on the Internet.

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