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God-fearing-Deep respect or fearing GOD.

God-Force-The life force that is present in all things.

Godhead-The quality or the state of being DIVINE; the universal world SOUL; DIVINE being; the invisible source of reality usually recognized as GOD.

Good-Actions, behavior or thoughts that tend to produce desirable, positive qualities.

Gospel-The good news of REDEMPTION and SALVATION proclaimed by JESUS. Also used to express the story of Jesus' life and teachings.

Gospels-The story of the life and teachings of JESUS in the first four books of the NEW TESTAMENT.

Grace-Generosity, kindness or compassion to GOD or toward mankind. Could also mean being under the protection of GOD.

Great Flood-The great watery deluge that supposedly covered the earth that and is described in the book of Genesis in the HOLY BIBLE.

Great Spirit, The-The North American Indians referred to this as the power that oversees and is present in all things. Great lengths were taken to honor the Great SPIRIT that was present, and HOMAGE was given to all things that had made it possible so that man could live.

Greater Vehicle-In Mahayana BUDDHISM, this represents the commitment to compassion and aid to the liberation of all SENTIENT beings.

Greek Orthodox Church-Any of the various ethnically autonomous branches of the ORTHODOX CHURCHES within the group of EASTERN ORTHODOX Churches.

Gross Body-The physical body.

Grounding-The act of CENTERING or getting the idea that you are grounded once again. Regaining practical sense, and not persist with mythical, non­sensical thinking. Regaining your composure like a tree with roots firmly in the ground.

Guide-Any being, living, dead or SUPERNATURAL, who instructs or aids you on your SPIRITUAL journey. Could also provide answers to you on life dilemmas.

Guided Imagery-Imaginary experience that involves someone who helps you on a guided tour of your mind's eye image that involves your senses, some or all of what you can taste, smell, hear, feel, or see. Can be used as an aid for healing of one kind or another. See also IMAGERY.

Guiding Spirit-A SPIRIT or GOD-FORCE within you that leads or directs you on your path of discovery.

Guru-A SPIRITUAL MASTER, mentor or guide in the HINDU religion.

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