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Five Classics-Basic ethical texts of CONFUCIANISM, attributed to CONFUCIUS, including the Book of Changes (the I CHING), Book of Rites, Book of Songs, Book of History, and Spring and Autumn Annals, all of which was the base of Confucian education.

Fix Your Heart-From the book Ta Chuan where Stephen Karcher states that "you no longer run here and there after each emotion. It is not that you repress your feelings, you dis-identify with them."


Fluke-An unforeseen stroke of luck in one's life.

Foresee-To see or know ahead-of-time, to predict, or to have INTUITION of the future.

Forgiveness-Ceasing to feel resentment, or losing the feeling of the need for revenge because of another's wrongdoing.

Fortune-A favorable set of circumstances that occurs in one's life; advantageous DESTINY.

Freemasons-See MASONS.

Friends, Society of-A RELIGIOUS group originating in England around 1650, under the founder, George Fox. This group is commonly known as QUAKERS, or CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT. Their TENENTS emphasize human goodness because they believe that GOD exists in everyone, and they make no distinction between the sexes. Their way of life emphasizes simplicity, truth, and sincerity, and they refuse to "bargain" in monetary affairs. They emphasize terms such as "inward light" or "the light within". Religious and racial issues are tolerated with the emphasis on love rather than punishment, so their society emphasizes that violence need not exist.

Fringe-Dwellers-People who have moved away from traditionalism and so-called "normal" ideas to embrace a more individualistic, alternative VIEWPOINT or lifestyle.

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