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Faith- A confident BELIEF in what is thought to be the truth, but it does not depend on logical proof or evidence, and is only a projection of a classic model that we can imagine. Some have said that BELIEVING that faith as the ABSOLUTE is relegating ourselves to perpetual adolescence.

Faithful-Those ascribing to, and are loyal to, a particular FAITH.

Faith Healing-A process whereby a person whose health is restored through intervention, or with the assistance of a DIVINE power. It is performed without the help of traditional medical procedures, and is usually performed by a religious practioner. It has no credible role with traditional medicine in the Western world.

Fate-An initial set of boundaries and limitations that are inherited at birth, or a predetermined path of events. Thought to be set genetically and through the conditioning we receive from our parents or caregivers. Compare with LOT.

Fatality-Something created or set on course by FATE; something that results in death.

Fervor-Feeling with intensity, enthusiastic or zealous belief.

Fideism-ABSOLUTE reliance on FAITH, with the dismissing of PHILOSOPHY, science or rational thought, when dealing with RELIGIOUS matters.

Finality-The irrevocable, conclusive end toward which life advances.

Fetish-A superstitious belief in an object that is thought to have SUPERNATURAL powers. Could also refer to the article of such a BELIEF.

Final Judgment-The final verdict or determination of the fate of mankind at the end of the world.

First cause-Supreme Being or creator of the universe.

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