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Earth Plane-Our 3-D world and our physical existence on earth as seen within the confines of a 3-D perspective.

Ecclesiastic-A person of holy order. A clergyman or preacher, or pertaining to the church or a holy order.

Eckankar-(Ek-an-KAR) A practicing system of knowledge introduced by Paul Twitchell in 1964, and is based around the idea that WISDOM/SOUL travel is a sound current that is responsible for manifesting all of creation.

Eco-Spirituality-A form of MYSTICISM that regards earth-bound energies and matter as the focus of SPIRITUAL INSIGHT and values.

Ecstasy-Complete euphoric delight. Sometimes means ETHEREAL or trance-like state of openness to ENLIGHTENMENT.

Ego-One psychological division of the psyche that deals with your personality or conscious energy; specifically that part of your psyche that identifies with, or has to do with, who you think you are, rather than who you really are. Usually referred to as self-centeredness, self-importance, or the concern of what other people think about you, and the resultant acquisition of material things or power. It is usually seen as an obstacle to one's development.

Egoic Body-See CAUSAL BODY.

Egocentric-The selfish idea that one's self is the center or the norm of all experiences and ideas. Compare with ETHNOCENTRIC, WORLD-CENTRIC.

Eightfold Path-The eight pursuits in BUDDHISM which lead to release of suffering (DUKKHA) and these pursuits are not intended to be a series of sequential events or efforts, but rather all encompassing ways of behavior in the process toward ENLIGHTENMENT. They are: right (or perfected) understanding, right thought, right mindfulness, right livelihood, right conduct or action, right contemplation, right speech, right effort.

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