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Deserts-That punishment or reward that is deserved.

Destiny-An inevitable, predetermined plan or blueprint on a person's life.

Deva (BUDDHISM and HINDUISM)-One of various gods or divinities.

Devotion-Deep, or profound RELIGIOUS dedication, usually with passion.

Dhammapada-A text summary of the essential teachings of the BUDDHA, especially in the areas of morality and mental discipline.

Dharma-The right way to live; the way of truth; everyday duties within the righteous law of all things, and to serve and fulfill one's own DESTINY. The natural path that you are destined to follow in your life, which typically is the path of least resistance... going with the natural flow.

Diocese-The RELIGIOUS territorial district under jurisdiction of a BISHOP.

Dimension-The magnitude, extent, importance, aspect, or scope of something.

Discipline-Proper conduct, such as controlled conduct, self-restraint or indoctrination, that would tend to produce a pattern of behavior. Could also mean a branch of a particular DOGMA or teaching.

Disembodied-Lacking normal core or reality. Having the SPIRIT disconnected or freed from bodily substance.

Ditheism-The BELIEF in two equally powerful gods, or the belief in antagonistic forces of good and evil forces. See ZOROASTRIANISM.

Divination-An attempt to discover information using SUPERNATURAL indicators, by the use of OMENS, or MYSTICAL means.

Divine-Having the nature of a DIETY or SUPREME BEING. Being HEAVENLY perfect.

Divine Revelation-Intervention by GOD which gives one intensified ENLIGHTENMENT or enhanced reality.

Divinity-Having the essence or characteristics of a SUPREME BEING or GOD, such as possessing SUPERNATURAL powers.

Dianetics-A term and resultant book (in 1954) by L. Ron Hubbard, whose method of "mind thinking" is taught to his followers. Followers are taught techniques of confronting memories not usually available in the conscious mind. Techniques are revealed which help the follower to erase painful memories that produce irrational behavior, and thereby develop rational, sound mental health.

Disciple-A devoted follower of a RELIGIOUS person or cause and adheres to its TENETS. Usually associated with one of the 12 Apostles that followed JESUS. See also APOSTLE.

Doctrine-RELIGIOUS instruction or official policy.

Dogma-A RELIGIOUS belief or principle that is formally stated as the truth. Could also refer to hidden, secret DOCTRINES of the Greek CHRISTIANS, which could only be understood symbolically.

Doom-One's unhappy fate, outcome or end result.

Doomsday-The end of the world or the last day of JUDGMENT. See also LAST JUDGMENT.

Druze-A Middle-Eastern RELIGIOUS group chiefly found in Lebanon and Syria. They believe in the TRANSMIGRATION of souls, with constant development and purification of one's self. This sect has elements of other religions, which includes JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, and ISLAM, but they do not pray in a Mosque, but instead meet in inconspicuous dwellings outside their village or town.

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