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Deicide-The killing of a GOD.

Deism-A belief in a TRANSCENDENT GOD that was the CREATOR, but has had no further interference in human or universal affairs. Could also mean a belief of the existence of GOD can only be revealed to us through the evidence of nature and reason without considering any particular RELIGIOUS BELIEF.

Deity-God, a DIVINE person or SUPREME BEING.

Delight-Marked pleasure or satisfaction.

Deliverance-Being liberated or freed from gloom or repression.

Delta Wave-A brain-wave frequency of 0-3 cycles ­per second, and when you are capable of expanded consciousness and bliss, and can be entered through deep MEDITATION. In this state, you are only vaguely aware of your physical body and position.

Demigod-Born of the union of GOD and a mortal, producing a half-DIVINE being, half-mortal.

Demon-An unseen SPIRIT or force that adversely influences a person's life and how they talk and act. It is paired with the DEVIL, SATAN, the leader of fallen angels, and MARA.

Denomination-A designated RELIGIOUS sect that has been given a specific name and defined practices and TENENTS, especially PROTESTANT.

Denotation-A type of reasoning leading from an observation that then leads to a specific conclusion. Compare to CONNOTATION.

Deserts-That punishment or reward that is deserved.

Destiny-An inevitable, predetermined plan or blueprint on a person's life.

Deva (BUDDHISM and HINDUISM)-One of various gods or divinities.

Devotion-Deep, or profound RELIGIOUS dedication, usually with passion.

Dhammapada-A text summary of the essential teachings of the BUDDHA, especially in the areas of morality and mental discipline.

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