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Ch'ien-SPIRIT power, creative energy, forward motion, dynamic, enduring, masculine, strong, ruler, tenacious, untiring, rising energy.

Children of the Light-See FRIENDS, SOCIETY OF.

Chimerical (Ki-MEER'ical)-Not likely, unreal, or existing in exaggerated imagination or fantasies.

Chinese Medicine-An ancient combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture. Was, and has been used as an alternative form of healing that has a great deal of appeal to many people, and is now being seen in modern medical practices in the West.

Ching-Solidified or congealed CHI. The gross forms of ching would include the seminal fluids of men and the lubrication fluids of women. The more subtle form would include sexual energy.

Chit-One of the attributes of the DIVINE that is infinite CONSCIOUSNESS.

Chrism-Sanctified, HOLY oil that is used in BAPTISM and other SACRAMENTS.

Chrisom-A white cloth or robe that is worn by an infant during BAPTISM.

Christians or Christianity-A RELIGION that centers around the BELIEF that JESUS CHRIST was, and still is, the Son of GOD. In Christianity, GOD is thought of as the creator of the universe and all that is in it. The teachings of Christianity are related through a SACRED text called the HOLY BIBLE, which is divided into the Old and the New Testaments. The OLD TESTAMENT concentrates on the history of the ancient Hebrews and the TEN COMMANDMENTS, and the NEW TESTAMENT relates the accounts of the life and teachings of JESUS CHRIST and his disciples. Christianity is divided into three main sects: Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Christianity's main goal is to spread the word of Jesus Christ through the teachings of the BIBLE, through the church, personal contact and missionary work.

Christian Zen-The use of BUDDHIST ZAZEN (or sitting MEDITATION) but practiced by CHRISTIANS without relinquishing their own faith.

Chun Tz'u or Realizing Person-An ideal of conduct; someone who has committed him or herself to the Way and the process of self-realization. The person who uses CHANGE to follow the TAO and thus accumulate the power and virtue (TE) to become who he or she was intrinsically meant to be.

Church of Christ-An offshoot of the PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, founded in 1804, and features and stresses liberal interpretations of the NEW TESTAMENT.

Church of England-See ANGLICAN CHURCH.


Clairaudience-Having the power of being able to hear something (or someone) not audible to our normal hearing.

Clairsentient-A person who possess the intuitional ability to sense or feel with an unusual degree of INSIGHT or PERCEPTION.

Clairvoyant-A person adept at perceiving events or material object that can not be seen with our normal senses.

Clairvoyance-Having the ability of a CLAIRVOYANT. Having PERCEPTION beyond the normal senses.

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