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Censer-An decorative vessel in which incense is burned.

Centering-Focusing on the main point; concentration on the neutral balance of your emotional or mental state, sometimes done through MEDITATION.

Chakra (SHOCK-rah)-One of seven major energy channels in the body in which life force flows through one's physical body, said to be the source of psychic energy. Clearing one or more of these channels is said to help the body heal from various maladies.

Chalice-A cup for the consecrated wine of the EUCHARIST.

Change, Yi or I-The most mysterious word of all. Stephen Karcher, PhD (3), lists change like the changes in nature of the seasons, the stages of life, water turning into ice, a caterpillar into a butterfly, or a live person changing into a dead person. Images also occur in cyclic alterations, like day turning into night, YIN into YANG. Change could also follow the response to trouble: versatility, imaginative mobility, and openness to move with fluidity in the presence of a breakdown of normal values.

Ch'an-MEDITATION, ZEN, mental quieting. The Chinese predecessor of ZEN.

Channeling-A term that is used for the act of using one's own body, mind, and voice as a means of communicating with another being; that being is usually deceased, or in another dimension. We usually think of the person that can be called upon to do this as a MEDIUM. The MEDIUM is merely a receiving station with a passageway through which information or thoughts flow.

Chance-Reliance on unforeseen outcomes. Relying on luck.

Chaos-A state of utter confusion, turmoil, or any lack of orderly arrangement.

Charismatics-A type of CHRISTIANITY that emphasizes elated, personalized RELIGIOUS experience, sometimes referred to as Neo­Pentecostals. The participants in this group BELIEVE that they have been baptized by the HOLY SPIRIT by the LAYING ON OF HANDS, or are now able to speak in tongues.

Chastity-The avoidance of sexual intercourse.

Chi (Chee)-The "LIFE-FORCE", or vital energy of our physical being. It is conceived as a SPIRITUAL power animating all of nature and pervading the human form and its organs, (2). In various styles of the martial arts, one concentrates on strengthening and opening the channels of Chi to make a more healthy body and SPIRIT, such as with Tai Chi. A blocked Chi is thought to make the body unhealthy, as the flow of energy is being blocked and is unable to flow where needed or called for. TAI CHI is a movement practiced by millions as a means of channeling vital forces of Chi. Chi is subject to change as are the forces of nature. If Chi is congealed it is called CHING. The gross forms of ching would include the seminal fluids of men and the lubrication fluids of women.

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