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Bhakti-A HINDU word for devotional acts centered around worship of gods.

Bioinspiration-Bioinspi ration is an innovation incubator of ideas that are inspired by nature or by nature's creatures.

Blasphemy-An intentional insult or irreverence to GOD.

Blessed-Enjoying gratification or pleasure; something or someone worthy of worship.

Blessing-Relating to SPIRITUAL attainment or dedication by DIVINE involvement.

Blessedness-The feeling of enjoying happiness, spiritual or religious dedication or attainment.

Bodhi (BODE-ee)-A BUDDHIST term for supreme knowledge, or become ENLIGHTENED (see ENLIGHTENMENT). To awaken to the ultimate nature of REALITY, and to realize that everything is but an expression of the reflection of one's own mind.

Bodhisattva-An ENLIGHTENED person who is able to (and has vowed to) continue with normal life and yet refrain from their own full ENLIGHTENMENT (and the state of NIRVANA) in order to help others become liberated (BUDDHISM).

Body-Mind-Referring to the duality of the material nature of the body vs. the non-physical characteristics of the mind. Some have claimed that the two dualities can work in unison for a more complete understanding of complex ideas and CONSCIOUSNESS.

Book of Life-The idea that life has intrinsic meanings imbedded in our core of experience by a DIVINE source.

Book of Mormon-A SACRED book revealed by Joseph Smith, published in 1830. The Mormon Church considers it a SACRED word of GOD. It compliments the BIBLE, expanding and clarifying, but not contradicting, the Western RELIGION scriptures.

Book of the Dead-An ancient Egyptian book of prayers and trinkets for use by the SOUL during the experience of death, and giving assistance with the journey in the AFTERWORLD. It was written to assist the dead to conquer obstacles in the crossing to the AFTERLIFE.

Brahma (HINDUISM)-The GOD of creation and all that exists. One of the members of a TRINITY of the SPIRIT, along with Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the god of destruction).

Brahman-In HINDUISM, the DIVINE, ULTIMATE REALITY of the universe; the infinite SPIRIT from which all beings originate and to which all returns. The inner meaning of existence. The universal CREATOR.

Breviary-A book of prayers, hymns, and charms used by priests at canonical hours.

Buddha Mind-An unusually enlightened AWARENESS of who we really are.

Buddha, The-A historical person who lived in northern India around 448-368 B.C.E. (earlier dates have been reported of 563-483 B.C). However, (4, pg. 90), reports "Buddha" (which means "the enlightened one") is a generic term, and there have been, and are, other Buddhas. The encyclopedia stated above goes on to state that "unlike the Western view of a cosmos proceeding in a straight line from beginning to end, the Buddhist cosmology is cyclical."

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