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Believer-One who holds that his or her BELIEF is beyond question, and is fact. It is said that many believers really do not want to seek past their belief, for that is why they believe. This person usually needs some sort of rescuer or MESSIAH to feed them with comforting information or direction, and to reinforce their BELIEF.

Bestow-To give majestically or ceremoniously.

Beta State-A brain-wave frequency of 14 cycles ­per second, and is your normal waking state of the brain. As you proceed into MEDITATION, these cycles-per-second would slow down. See other brain-wave frequencies such as ALPHA, DELTA, and THETA.


Bishop-A high-ranking member of clergy, having authority over other clergymen, and in charge of a DIOCESE.

Bhagavad-Gita-A HINDU SANSKRIT poem, consisting of 700 verses divided into 18 chapters, which are regarded by most Hindus as their most important text-the essence of their belief. The writing is in the form of a dialogue between the incarnate Avatar KRISHNA and a human hero, Prince Arjuna. It is a source of encouragement for HINDUS worldwide. It is not clear when the Gita was composed, but historians date it at between 500 and 50 BC. The context of the text involves a conversation between KRISHNA (A supreme being, an AVATAR) and ARJUNA (a battle field hero), where Krishna counsels Arjuna regarding MEDITATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, devotional service, knowledge, and the realm of ATTACHMENT.

Bhakti-A HINDU word for devotional acts centered around worship of gods.

Bioinspiration-Bioinspi ration is an innovation incubator of ideas that are inspired by nature or by nature's creatures.

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