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Baha'i-A RELIGIOUS FAITH founded in the 1860's as the fulfillment of the prophecy of Mirza Ali (of Persia) who was later known as Bahaullah. Claiming to be the promised one of all religions, his followers BELIEVED that he as but one of a number of DIVINE manifestations of Zoroaster, MUHAMMAD, the BUDDHA, and JESUS CHRIST. This religion has had a large following in the United States, but the ISLAMIC government in Iran has persecuted this group since they came into power in 1979. Their RELIGION emphasizes ending RELIGIOUS, racial and sexual discrimination, universal brotherhood, and the merger of all religions. Their social structure emphasizes a strong family unit, and discourages divorces, but it is permitted with a year-long waiting period. Forbidden are homosexuality, begging, back-stabbing, the use of alcohol and drugs, and extra­marital affairs.

Balance-Emotional equilibrium and stability.

Baptism-CHRISTIAN SACRAMENT of admission into church shortly after birth; or indicates symbolic use of water to give SPIRITUAL regeneration or purification of one's SOUL.

Bardo-Referred to in the Tibetan Book of the Dead as the plane of intermediate existence between death and rebirth.

Beatific (Bee-a-TIFic-) -Showing absolute, utter bliss or pleasure.

Beatitude-State of utter bliss or pleasure.

Belief-A view of reality that is very subjective, and usually involves an interpretation of reality that is beyond question. This view is usually held to be unquestionable and held to be factual. The conviction is usually from an accepted authority and is usually felt to be the truth, even though the certainty itself cannot be literally proven, and is not verifiable. To many people, their beliefs are unshakable, and even in the light of considerable information to the contrary, they are not swayed from their view. Compare with FAITH or KNOW.

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