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Advaita or Advaitic-A term in HINDU MYSTICISM that refers to non-dual, perceptive CONSCIOUSNESS or KNOWLEDGE.

Affirmation-A statement of positive thought regarding the determined direction that one intends to make in one's life, usually in the area of self-improvement.

Afterlife-Continued existence after death, described by some religions as the opportunity to learn things that have not been learned on the earth plane, and to move to a higher plane in the world beyond. Some authors have stated that any scientific or experimental facts regarding the existence of an afterlife would be revolutionary, world-shaking information.

Afterworld-The location of existence after death.


Agnostic-A person who does thinks that it is impossible to know one way or the other if a GOD exists, but does not discount the possibility that one does exist. Basically, it means "it cannot be known".

Ahimsa-In HINDUISM and JAINISM, the practice of non-violence to all living things, and therefore declaring the belief of the SACREDNESS and respect of all living creatures.

Allah-The Muslim (Muslum) name for the SUPREME BEING.

Ahriman (AH-re-mahn)-The spirit of evil in ZOROASTRIANISM.

Allegory-A narrative in a story with characters and events that have symbolic meaning or evoke mental images, ideas or principles. Compare to METAPHOR.

Almighty (Christianity)-All powerful. One of omnipotence usually referred to as God.

Alpha State-A brain-wave frequency of 8-13 cycles per second, and is characterized by being asleep and dreaming. In this state, the subconscious mind reveals itself in dreams.

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