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Almighty (Christianity)-All powerful. One of omnipotence usually referred to as God.

Alpha State-A brain-wave frequency of 8-13 cycles per second, and is characterized by being asleep and dreaming. In this state, the subconscious mind reveals itself in dreams.

Alternative Path-A way of modern thinking about human spirituality (or RELIGION) that involves seeking new exploration of ideas and independent discoveries for oneself, rather than from passed-on traditions and limiting ideas from the past. One might think of it as plotting your own course, or to have it plotted for you.

Ambient Sound-A pleasant, soothing natural background sound or music. Sometimes called NEW AGE music.

Amish-One of the ANABAPTIST sects that fled to the United States from Europe. These groups are seen all over the United States and are mainly agriculture-based and very conservative and the "Old Order" of Amish separate themselves from society as a whole, although some Amish groups are more liberal. They lead a simple life, are known to travel in horse-drawn vehicles, and avoid electricity, and dress in a plain fashion. They tend to shun contact with other ways of life, but do have members that sell some merchandise to outsiders. An off-shoot group from MENNONITES.

Anabaptists (One who baptizes again)-A name that relates to RELIGIOUS sects in Europe at the time of the REFORMATION, who believed that a personal, independent faith in GOD was of utmost importance, rather than ritualistic idealisms of the church and state. Many opposed participation in government or the taking of oaths. See also AMISH.

Analects-A twenty-book text collection of the teachings of CONFUCIUS.

Analogy-A comparative relationship of things (or ideas) based on similar qualities. Sometimes used as suggesting that if some things are alike in some ways, they must be similar in others.

Anglicans-A PROTESTANT religion that split off from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534, and retained many of the elements and disciplines of CATHOLICISM, and was known as the CHURCH OF ENGLAND.

Anatta-(Anatman in Sanskrit)-The very important Buddhist truth that there is no permanent SOUL that is unchanging and everlasting in the human.

Angas-The SACRED texts of JAINISM.

Angel-A DIVINE being, especially a messenger or intermediary of GOD, and ranked in nine orders, and is sent to protect, coach, ENLIGHTEN or command humans.

Anicca-In BUDDHISM, the DOCTRINE of impermanence by way of the cycle of birth, growth, decay, and death. Nothing remains the same, and remains in flux.

Anthroposophy- Based around the idea that the development of cultivating one's SPIRITUAL development should be a basic human objective. Is based around Rudolph Steiner's teachings that humans should concentrate on their own development, rather than depend on GOD. This thought is based on the ideas of THEOSOPHY, where one would depend on INTUITION and MYSTICAL experiences in the ways of GOD, but outside the limits of conventional RELIGIOUS teachings.

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