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Note: CAPITALIZATION indicates a cross-reference to a related entry.

Abba-A name for God in Aramaic, which was an ancient Semitic language spoken in biblical times, especially in the area of Palestine where Christ lived, and he spoke this Palestinian dialect. Apparently it is not listed as a SACRED LANGUAGE.

Abbey-A CONVENT or MONASTERY (or monastic community) under the direction of the ABBOT, and served as islands of civilization all over Europe beginning in the century. Some were very large compounds and served as intellectual, administrative, and spiritual centers. These centers could house 1,000 people and several hundred monks and guests.

Abbot-The superior of a monastery or ABBEY.

Absolute-Represents the FUNDAMENTAL reality of all manifestation in the galaxy, with purity that is based on eternal truths or the original source. Ground zero of manifestation, or the base origin that cannot be changed or modified in any way.

Accord-To be in balance, in harmony or agreement with.

Acculturation-The alteration of an individual (or an entire culture) which is influenced by contact with a different culture. Compare with INCULTURATION.

Actualization-The realizing of one's achievement or objective in the present moment. See also SELF-ACTUALIZATION.

Addiction-Any repetitive, non-sensical behavior that affects one's life in such a way that it gives the illusion that some sort of control exists. It is detrimental to one's development in that the behavior distracts one's attention from developing in other more positive ways and it usually leads to the use of habit-forming substances. It is one of the main points used in recovery groups.

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