The Spirit of an Angel (Chapter 6 - Twins Drown, page 1 of 9)

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"Walk not in fear but in faith"

I woke up remembering I had some weird dreams. I was back in school and Amy and Mai were friends.

The beautiful red sun began peeking over the Vietnam horizon. There were a few thin white clouds streaking in front of it but they offered no challenge to the blazing sun. It was going to be another hot steamy day. I was thankful it wasn't raining.

For sure it wasn't going to be a normal day for those of us waiting in the mess hall. Everyone was up and preparing for the arrival of the helicopters. Mac called his squad to gather around him.

"Once we get on the choppers there won't be anytime to talk about what we have to do. Doc, Chuck, Cincy, Anderson you'll get on the first chopper with me. The rest of y'all ride in the one that comes in behind ours."

That was the first time Mac didn't include Flick and me together. It was nice to finally not be included with Flick. I had enough to worry about, I was about to take my first ride on a helicopter.

Mac said, "When you get off the chopper look for me, we are to set up a straight line across the landing zone. So, keep a close eye on me and follow my hand signals. Everyone got it?" No one said anything. I was thinking I was glad I wasn't Mac.

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