The Spirit of an Angel (Chapter 4 - Rage of Anger, page 1 of 4)

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"Wicked are those without a soul"

Our night ambushes no longer went to the village. Mac would take us out a couple of miles, out of sight of the Hill. We'd set up where he thought it was safe. He would do all he could to avoid any contact with the enemy. We would wait till morning and head back in.

Right or wrong the night patrols were safe and the area around PF Hill seemed fairly pacified. Except, I was told, when our Lieutenant would take us out on patrols and cross the river. They told me that was bad. Fortunately, I had not yet had that experience.

One day Cincy told me, "Anderson did you know your friend Flick has been sneaking into the village at night?"

"No, why would he wanna do that?"

"To visit the girls man, the whores."

"Whores, what whores?" I didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

"Damn Anderson, you live under a rock or somethin? Those two girls, you know the ones we'd see in there when we went on the ambushes. Don't tell me you didn't know that?"

"Man, I had no idea. So you're saying he goes down there at night by himself to make it with those girls."

"Now you got it, but he doesn't usually go by himself. The machine gunner Michelson usually goes with him. Since we don't take our ambushes there anymore they go down and screw the girls. That's where all the booze comes from. Hell man, they lie and tell the gooks their names are Jim Beam and Johnny Walker and say they'll pay them on payday. Of course they never do. You believe that shit?"

"Man, was he raised by wolves or something?" I asked.


I lay in my cot trying to sleep. I couldn't help but look at Flick's empty cot. The idea of him it the village kept gnawing at me. I thought of the young girl that was with Little Charley, Mai. She was there, could she be in danger? I was still puzzled over the attraction and feelings I had for her. I couldn't believe she could be a prostitute as Cincy had said, I wouldn't believe it. It was no use, I had to go, the spirit within me was calling, and there was no denying it.

I started getting the nervous shakes to the point of being out of control. I had to get a hold of myself. I quietly put on my gear. I grabbed my M-14 rifle and worked my way down the Hill.

I nearly made it past the bunker at the Hill's entrance. The two men inside saw me and motioned me over.

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