The Spirit of an Angel (Chapter 5 - Operation Coyote, page 2 of 9)

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Mac immediately left with Mule.

We all wondered what was up; we knew it couldn't be good if the Lieutenant was involved. But we went back to doing what we were doing.

A short time later Mac returned, "Sorry boys, the Lieutenant has volunteered our squad to go out on an operation. I think he called it operation Coyote or some shit like that."

"Screw him!" Exclaimed Ronny Roe. "That son of a bitch just wants to get us all killed."

"Helicopters'll pick us up at the Company area at 2100. Get your gear packed and be ready to go after chow. We'll be assigned to Bravo Company."

"Hey Mac, what about my boots. Surely I can't go with these rotten boots."

"Sorry Anderson, you'll just have to make do. See if Mule can get you some duck tape or something." Mac left, I could tell he was depressed and it seemed I detected signs of fear in his tone.

Mule was a Corporal on the Hill and was our gopher. He could find about anything a guy needed, but he wasn't able to find any duck tape.

"Shit, I bet it's cause we got caught in the village that night. I knew we weren't gonna get off that easy." Exclaimed Cincy.

The whole squad's demeanor had changed; everyone was in a crappy mood.

This would be my first operation. From talking to the others an operation is the worse and most dangerous part of being in Vietnam.

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