The Spirit of an Angel (Chapter 3 - Caught in Duc My, page 2 of 7)

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Once I asked, "Did you go to High School with her?"

"Uh-huh, it's kind of weird the way we started going together. We were in our junior year and doubled to the prom together, but she was my best friend's date. She and I had such a great time, we really hit it off, and that's how it started. She's been my girl ever since." Adding a little chuckle.

"Wow, was your buddy mad?"

He gave me that grand laugh, "Nah, he didn't care. We're still best friends."

We both enjoyed the scrape basketball games we would play in the evenings. There were about ten of us that would choose sides to play three-on-three. The court was of dirt, and the backboard was bolted to a telephone pole. Sometimes the ball would go over the side and down to the bottom of the Hill; we wouldn't get the ball back until a patrol would go out.

Little Charley, from Duc My, spent a lot of time on the Hill. He liked hanging with us. We taught him how to play h-o-r-s-e. It was interesting to talk to him even with his poor English and my terrible Vietnamese. I learned a lot about life from his perspective and we tried to described our lives and teach him what it was like in the states. I remember trying to tell him what a Corvette looked like.


After being on the Hill about a month we were in Duc My on one of our bogus night ambushes. Little Charley, Chuck, Cincy, and I were in a deserted hut. Cincy was like Chuck and I in that he didn't want to get involved in all the illicit activity going on in the village. So we hung together. Mitch had sent me some pictures from home of corvettes and I was showing them to Little Charley.

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