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Chapter 5

"In Heaven there are no dimensions. Height, weight, width, length, time, and any other measure or dimensions are irrelevant..." MM

It was sometime in July Mitch and I were in our rooms in bed and Amy was home in her bed. -- Once again we were united, and there was MM talking to us as if we were all together.

"Hi, kids."

"MM, you're back!" said Mitch, surprised.

Suddenly everything in the room started moving. "MM, what's happening!" exclaimed Amy.

"Don't worry, everything is going to be all right," said MM.

The room continued to move. As it transcended and slowly vanished, we once again were viewing a scene from Heaven. It took us a moment to adjust to what we were seeing. We realized that we were looking down upon a large warehouse. The sign out front read, "The All Purpose Warehouse." It was located on the north side of Shelbyville. As the image became more visible, we could see inside the building as if the roof had disappeared. It was full of all types of farm equipment.

"Boy, are we glad to see you, and I love seeing things from Heaven. But why are we looking at this old warehouse?" It was cool, but Amy asked what we all were thinking.

We watched as two people were running through the building in the maze of aisles. The view was during the night, and, except for the two people and all of the equipment, the building was empty.

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