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Chapter 7

"There is nothing bad in Heaven, for all that is in Heaven is good..." MM As they sat at the dinner table one night, their father still had not come home. It was not unusual for them not to see their father until late at night. When he did come in, he was always very drunk. He was mean to everyone, especially to their mother. He wasn't afraid to hit her or push her around. If Tom tried to step in, he would also be on the receiving end of a push or a punch. Tom Miller was Mitch's best friend, but no one knew the terror that Tom had to live in behind the closed doors of his home. When his dad did go to work, he was a mechanic at a local gas station. But that was one job of many jobs; he had been fired several times. Tom's mom kept things together as a seamstress, and by selling a lot of her beautiful blankets, towels, and children's clothing. She was extremely talented.

This is the story I got from Tom and Mitch some time later.

Tom remembers one night his dad came home early, wanting money from his mom. After a vicious fight, his dad stormed off. Before he left, he threw Tom's bike in the back of the truck. Tom never saw his bike again. He figures his dad took it and sold it for cash. The police had been called to their home on numerous occasions, but were never able to do anything because Mrs. Miller would not press charges to get him arrested. She feared that if she did have him arrested, he would soon be out of jail and Heaven only knows what he would do to her, or worse yet, to the kids. That would be too much for her and her children to bear. She did everything she could to protect her children. Tom had a younger brother, Corbin, and his little baby sister, Patty. Tom, then twelve, was starting to feel like he had to start helping his mom and stand up to him. On this most recent occasion, he suffered a black eye as a token from his father.

When Tom got to school, the first person he saw was his best friend Mitch. Mitch suspected something wasn't right, because there had been other times that Tom had come to school looking like he had been in a fight.

"Man, what happened to you? You got one heck of a shiner," Mitch asked.

"It ain't nothin."

"Come on, Tom, something is going on and you're going to tell me. Who in the world do you keep fighting with? Is it that big bully Billy?"

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