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Chapter 4

"In Heaven there is no pain and there is no death..." MM Two years had passed since Dawsonville or any contact with MM. We were celebrating Mitch's twelfth birthday. Mitch had grown and changed; he seemed much more mature. He had developed into a confident and intelligent young man. I no longer made fun of him, and we both developed a lot of mutual respect for one another. The vivid accounts of all that occurred in Dawsonville were clearly etched in our minds forever and, to this day, always seem like it occurred just yesterday.

We started to believe that we would never hear from MM again, but it didn't matter. We felt we knew the secrets of life and we kept our individual Angels close to us. We even named our Angels. For me, my Angel was Michael (I had an imaginary friend named Mike when I was younger), for Mitch, his Angel was Joe (after me, which made me very proud). For Amy, her Angel was Sally. This kind of surprised me; her mom's name is Sally. In private we would talk to our Angels like they were real people. Of course, we never saw them, but it was fun and I had to admit it was somewhat comforting.

At Mitch's party we were outside in the yard under the big willow tree. We had put a table under there, and it made for a great fort-like retreat. I asked Amy, "Don't you think that it's time we tell others they have an Angel?"

"Yes, but do it discreetly," said MM -- she was suddenly back.

"MM, where have you been? We've missed you," said Mitch.

"Yeah, we were beginning to believe that we'd never see you again." I tried to hide it, but I too was excited to see her.

"What do you mean 'discreetly?'" asked Amy, calmly.

"People don't like to be preached to about the topic. For some reason they become offended. You have to do it in such a way that it is not offensive, but meaningful."

"That sounds hard," said Mitch.

"I think you can try it. I know one of your teachers is having some difficulty. His Angel is about to lose him and needs some help. His wife recently died of cancer, and he is struggling with his faith. He is trying to figure out why she had to die. You three might be able to help him regain his faith," said MM.

"Oh, I know who that is, it's Mr. Watkins. Our teacher was telling us about him and we sent him sympathy cards," said Amy.

Jack Watkins was 35 years old. He and his wife, Jill, lived in Shelbyville for the past five years. The year before his wife had become ill, and within six months she had died of cancer. Jack was deeply in love with his wife. They talked about having kids, but never had the opportunity. Following her death, he was not the same.

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