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Chapter 8

"In Heaven, it's like having vision after being blind..." MM The school year came to an end and summer arrived. I had gotten a part- time job at Daily's Dairy farm. I got to drive a truck delivering milk; it was great. With that, I was able to save
up enough money to buy a '53 Chevrolet. It cost me $75 and was my pride and joy. The first thing I did was pop off the hubcaps and paint the rims coal black. I put some spacers in the springs to jack it up, and installed some glass-pack mufflers to give it a rumbling sound. Finally, I put in a floor shifter so I could have three speeds on the floor. Yes, I was proud of that clunker; I drove it all over Shelbyville.

One morning at the dairy, I went in the office to pick up my workday delivery orders. The girl working in the office was Daily's daughter, Vicki. She went to Columbus High School.

"Hi, I remember you from the basketball game. Boy, you guys nearly beat us. Sorry you missed that last shot."

Vicki was not known to be shy. I was embarrassed, and I knew my face was turning red.

"Yeah, that was a bum break," I said.

"My name's Vicki Daily. I started here today for the summer. My dad owns the dairy. Have you worked here long? I like working here. That was a real shame about that accident that night after the game. That poor girl. She was my age. I bet that kid driving the car feels terrible. Are you here to pick up your delivery sheet?"

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