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Chapter 8

"In Heaven, it's like having vision after being blind..." MM The school year came to an end and summer arrived. I had gotten a part- time job at Daily's Dairy farm. I got to drive a truck delivering milk; it was great. With that, I was able to save
up enough money to buy a '53 Chevrolet. It cost me $75 and was my pride and joy. The first thing I did was pop off the hubcaps and paint the rims coal black. I put some spacers in the springs to jack it up, and installed some glass-pack mufflers to give it a rumbling sound. Finally, I put in a floor shifter so I could have three speeds on the floor. Yes, I was proud of that clunker; I drove it all over Shelbyville.

One morning at the dairy, I went in the office to pick up my workday delivery orders. The girl working in the office was Daily's daughter, Vicki. She went to Columbus High School.

"Hi, I remember you from the basketball game. Boy, you guys nearly beat us. Sorry you missed that last shot."

Vicki was not known to be shy. I was embarrassed, and I knew my face was turning red.

"Yeah, that was a bum break," I said.

"My name's Vicki Daily. I started here today for the summer. My dad owns the dairy. Have you worked here long? I like working here. That was a real shame about that accident that night after the game. That poor girl. She was my age. I bet that kid driving the car feels terrible. Are you here to pick up your delivery sheet?"

"Yeah, I am. My name is Joe Anderson. I started here a few weeks ago." Wow, I thought, she hardly gives herself enough time to breathe. She was kinda cute, though. She was petite and had beautiful red hair and she bounced around the office with the energy of electricity.

I took my order and left the office. "Bye," I said as I walked out.

"I'll see you later, Joe."

I got my milk truck loaded up. It was a heavy day. I stacked the milk carts three tiers high. I had one gallon, half gallon, and quart glass bottles to deliver. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, making the sharp right turn onto Brandywine, my load shifted and three of the carts toppled over, smashing the glass bottles all over the back of the truck. I pulled over and got out. There was milk, cream, and cottage cheese pouring out everywhere from the bottom of the truck.

Oh man, what a mess, I said to myself. I was hoping I wouldn't get in trouble. I opened the back of the truck and there was glass and milk spread everywhere. I cleaned it up the best I
could. From out of nowhere, farm cats came out and were helping themselves to the fresh spilt milk.

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