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Chapter 2

"In Heaven there is no hatred, meanness, or lies..." MM One night, Amy, Mitch, and I were at home in our separate beds, nearly asleep. Suddenly, we felt a presence in our rooms. The rooms were pitch dark, but we could see an image. It was Mary Margaret. Even though we were separated (Mitch was in his room, I was in mine, and Amy was home in her room), we could all see MM at the same time. It was as if she were with us together in one location. It blew our minds.

"Hello, Amy, Joe and Mitch." Once again she was cast in a soft silky ray of light.

"Hi, Mary Margaret, I mean MM," Amy said. She was excited to see MM again.

"Amy! I can see you, and I can see Mitch! When did you come in my room?" I wasn't too quick to figure this out. It was all so very strange. With her being there, with that sunshine glow
and all of us together, "Now, this is weird!"

"I'm right here in my room, Joe!" said Mitch.

"We are in our own rooms but yet we are somehow together." Amy was truly impressed.

"How have you been?" MM asked.

"I'm fine. I want to thank you for saving us and for helping me save Mitch." Amy felt she had so much to say and ask MM. We all did.

"You're welcome, Amy."

Not knowing what else to say, "Are you here to save us from more bad guys or something?"

"That may be one way to put it, Joe. Let me explain. Angels are always in the service of God, and everyone has their own Angel. Angels are the messengers between God and humans. But look at Murphy, the man Joe had to shoot. Because he is so evil, he lost his Angel long ago. It is because of his continued evilness that his Angel does not return to him. But God will never give up on him, or anyone else that has left his Angel behind. It is up to him, with the help of God, to regain his faith and his Angel.

Then a huge image surrounded our entire rooms. It was on every wall, ceiling, and floor. We were right there in the middle of it. Our rooms disappeared and we were looking down upon a large busy city. It was dazzling. In the colored vision were lots of people walking along a sidewalk on both sides of the street. There were taxi cabs, buses, trucks, and all kinds of cars, and the traffic was horrendous. It had to be New York City or Chicago. The sounds and smells were real: horns honking, people talking, engines roaring. There we were, right there, watching all of this. We then heard the roar of a siren as a big red fire truck came roaring through the traffic. We were speechless. What an enjoyable view we had!

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