The Gospel Truth Series: Exposing the Deep Secrets Of Satan (Chapter 2, page 3 of 5)

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Chapter 2

One third of the Angels in the heavenly Kingdom of Angels supported Lucifer and protested alongside with him. The protest was so strong that it enacted a great confusion in the Kingdom of Angels in Heavenly places. Commotion and unrest followed this protest, creating an atmosphere of social unrest and rancor in the Kingdom of Angels.

Arch-Angel Michael, the Arch Angel in charge of the Heavenly Kingdom of Angels had no choice other than to excommunicate Lucifer and his supporters from their Kingdom. This move further aggravates the Devil because he and his supporters are confide members of the Kingdom of Angels in the Heavenly World.

Lucifer and his supporters decided to fight for their right. This resulted to a devastating War in the Kingdom of Angels, located in the Heavenly Places. Very unfortunately for him and his fellow rebels, Lucifer and his entire gang were excommunicated from their Kingdom and were ejected forever, never to enter that Kingdom again for life.

When they were sent out from their Kingdom, they had no other place to go because every other Kingdom wouldn't accept them. The war against them was being carried out in every other kingdom. They were forced down to the bare wilderness, which was a part of the Kingdom of the Earth, where Man was subjected to stay after being ejected from his original Kingdom.

The Devil was very angry with Man because Man's defense on the judgment day in Eden was the beginning of his (the Devil) problem. Man defended himself by blaming the Woman, which means that he was innocent. The Woman defended herself by blaming the Serpent (Devil) claiming that she was deceived. The Serpent (Devil) was not given the opportunity to defend himself before judgment was passed. The Devil was even the first to be judged and cursed forever.

However, the Devil, being a Spiritual entity cannot achieve anything tangible in the material world without the cooperation of Man , who has the ability to create things physically in the material world being the God, Lord, and Ruler of the Kingdom of the Earth.

The Devil, still nursing his ambition to be the God and ruler of this World cunningly deceived Man to transfer his birth right of being the God or Lord of the Earth (World) to him, Devil,. He promised to help Man to develop the Kingdom of the world if only Man could trust him and give him every support and the opportunity to build a very beautiful Kingdom, which will by far be bigger and more beautiful than the type He, Man, had in Eden.

Man had no choice than to accept Lucifer's offer based on three factors. (1) Lucifer had a lot of Angels supporting him, a number, Man is seeing for the first time. All of them had already accepted Lucifer to be their Leader. (2) Man seems to be all alone in the entire world. His wife, the Woman is already in partnership with the Devil, which in the first place brought about their downfall. Then, Man's Very close associate before his fall, the Arch Angel in charge of God's Temple, who is known as the 'God of the Temple' abandoned him the very moment he ate the forbidden Fruit. Even the Temple of God in him became ruined and desolate and Man is no more having a holy communication with his Creator, which he used to enjoy. (3) Lucifer seems to know the nooks and cranny of the Earth, the Sea and the Sky (heavens) In addition to this vast knowledge, Lucifer had some basic facts about the World. He had facts about the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden; he knows the worth of all the elements of nature, and so on. The truth is that he has great knowledge.

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