The Gospel Truth Series: Exposing the Deep Secrets Of Satan (Chapter 2, page 2 of 5)

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Chapter 2

Eventually, when God created Man and placed him in the Kingdom or Garden of Eden, to tend, dominate, replenish and Lord over as the God, Lord, King and Master of the Kingdom, whose responsibility is to name and dominate the other creatures in the Kingdom, Lucifer wasn't happy and felt he has been displaced.

From that moment onward, he conceived an idea to make sure that man didn't succeed. He started seeking an opportunity to get Man out of the way so that He, Lucifer, can automatically assume control of the Kingdom.

Lucifer understood the Laws and Virtues of purity required in the Kingdom. He also knew that Arch Angel in charge of the Law is a no nonsense Angel, who is only mindful of protecting and executing the Law to the Letter.

Lucifer also knew that disobedience of these Laws will result to Spiritual Death or Excommunication or Expelling from the Kingdom by the Arch Angel in charge of the Law. In a situation where Man is ejected from the Kingdom, Lucifer will automatically regain control of the Kingdom and be officially proclaimed the God, Lord, King and Ruler of the Kingdom of the Earth.

Lucifer then nursed the ambition to be above every other creature in the Kingdom of the Earth. He thought he will be wise not to be in the open picture of man's downfall, so he used the Serpent, a very wise creature as a cover up.

Unfortunately, for Lucifer, Man is having a very close relationship with an Arch Angel who is in charge of the temple of God located right inside Man. The opportunity came when the woman was taken out of man, being a weak part of man.

Lucifer achieved his aspirations by getting the Man to disobey the Laws through his weak part, the Woman. Consequently, the Arch Angel in charge of the Law, who is referred to as the Flaming Sword was directed by the Divine God to eject Man out of the Kingdom of God in Eden, according to the requirement of the law. Immediately judgment was passed, another Arch Angel manifested. He is the Angel in charge of the world of the Dead, known as the God of the Dead. His kingdom was opened to receive humankind due to Man disobedience to the Law.

Lucifer was also judged alongside with man as an accomplice and the perpetuator of the master plan that brought man's downfall. Both Man and Lucifer were ejected from the Kingdom of God in Eden. At this point, Lucifer automatically obtained the title "The Devil meaning 'Deceiver of Mankind'.

This judgment was not accepted by the Devil because He felt he hasn't done anything wrong. He neither disobeyed any Law nor persuaded anyone to contravene the Law. He felt that the judgment was unjust, so he carried a protest to their Kingdom, in Heaven, where his fellow Angels live. His main anger was that he should not be excommunicated from the Kingdom of God in Eden, where he was originally posted to be in charge before the creation of Man.

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