The Gospel Truth Series: Exposing the Deep Secrets Of Satan (Chapter 2, page 1 of 5)

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Chapter 2

Who actually is the Devil?

The Devil is a Spiritual creature of the Divine God, the One and Only Creator. There are no two creators. The Divine God or Father is the only creator who created everything, Living and Non-living, Spiritual and Material, Visible and Invisible, through his WORD, Jesus Christ, WHO IS THE EXACT LIKENESS OF THE DEVINE GOD- 2Cor. 4:3-4, and was not created, but begotten.

The original name of the Devil is LUCIFER. He was appointed by God to oversee the activities in the Garden of God, which is originally the Kingdom of God for Mankind. There are other Kingdoms of God located in different Spiritual positions, or worlds, which are being controlled by different Angels appointed by the Divine Creator. These Angels are promoted to the Rank of Arch-Angels, which automatically elevated their social status to be Gods, Lords, Kings and Princes of their respective Kingdoms which they oversee.

Lucifer was the Arch-Angel temporary in charge of the Kingdom of God located in Eden pending the time the supposed Lord, God, King, Ruler and Prince of the Kingdom will be created. The Kingdom of God in Eden is a Material or Physical Kingdom and therefore requires a Physical or Material being to oversee. In the interim, Lucifer, who is Spiritual in nature, was given the privilege to serve and minister in this Kingdom.

Apart from this physical requirement, the Divine Creator designed this Kingdom especially for His dear Son, who will someday to come, reveal him, the Divine Creator, to all creatures, Spiritual and Material, who had never heard the voice of the Divine Creator nor had ever seen him nor beheld his form in any form whatsoever. No creature or Being has ever seen or comprehend or apprehend the Divine Creator, except Jesus Christ, the only Son of God.

During the entire period Lucifer was in charge of the kingdom of God in Eden, no activities were going on there. He thought that like his counterpart Arch Angels, who are in charge of other heavenly worlds, that the creator gave him dominium over the kingdom of the world to rule and Lord over. Actually, the Creator kept him in charge as a ministering Spirit and not the king, Lord, God, Ruler or Prince of the Kingdom. Man, who is the rightful Lord and Ruler of the Kingdom, was to be created after a while, to takes over from Lucifer.

Having stayed in the Garden from the inception and long before the creation of Man, Lucifer knew the nooks and cranny of the Kingdom of God in the Garden of Eden. He was supposed to guide Man to master the basic principles and Laws guiding the Kingdom.

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