The Gospel Truth Series: Exposing the Deep Secrets Of Satan (Chapter 4, page 2 of 20)

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Chapter 4



These two scriptures substantiates the fact that most Church leaders, owners, preachers, pastors, overseers and so on are false teachers whose aim is basically to make money and profit out their congregation by becoming a very eloquent speaker and actors on stage. They deceive their listeners with the word of God and by the way they talk once they are addressing their audience, insinuating that the Holy Spirit have taken control of them. So they shake their bodies, change their tones, pace up and down the stage and does so many other things, while the listeners will be shouting in ecstasy, being carried away that the man of God is filled with the Holy Spirit.

If the Church founders had been faithful to Christ, there will be no need for so much disintegration and discord among the believers. Instead there are so much disagreements and break away of one group of individuals to form a Church of their own with one leader as the General Overseer. Then, they will start building up their Church, using all the available means to attract people and before long, some people will abandon their Church and join this new one. After a while, others will break away from this particular Church and form their own, and the story continues now as a trend, every one of them desiring to rule and oversee their own congregation. The only criteria for breakaway, disintegration, disunity and strife are quarrels and fights, probably over financial or administrative matters. These can be amicably resolved if really the Holy Spirit is with them. The Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ had problems among themselves during and after the ascension of Christ, still the problems were resolved.

Apostle John called these people 'The enemies of Christ' and rightly, they are. He warned, "My children, the end is near. You were told that the enemies of Christ would come and now, many enemies of Christ have already appeared and so we know that the end is near. These people did not belong to our fellowship and that is why they left us. If they had belonged to our fellowship, they would have stayed with us -1 Jn2:18-19.

Apostle James in his letter to all God's people asked "Where do all the fights and quarrels among you come from? They come from your desires for (material) pleasure, which are constantly fighting within you. You want things (money, comfort, freedom) but you cannot have them so you are ready to kill (your conscious). You strongly desire things but you cannot get them so you quarrel and fight. You do not have what you want, because you did not ask God for it. And when you ask, you do not receive it because your motives are bad. YOU ASK FOR THINGS TO USE FOR YOUR OWN PLEASURES (and not for the benefit of the Church members) UNFAITHFUL PEOPLE! Don't you know that to be the WORLD'S FRIEND MEANS TO BE GOD'SENEMY -Ja.4:1-4 The Devil inspired his agents to teachninety percent Biblical Facts and ten percent Deceptive Lies, which will be so minute that the hearers will find it difficult to discover that it is a false teaching. They confuse their hearers by bombarding them with so many bible quotations, so that their hearers will look up to them as being inspired by the Holy Spirit, hence, they say 'he/she is Spirit filled'.

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