The Gospel Truth Series: Exposing the Deep Secrets Of Satan (Chapter 4, page 1 of 20)

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Chapter 4

The fundamental false doctrine of the Devil in the Churches is true identity. Unfortunately, the preachers, and teachers, and pastors, and Reverends have a very shallow knowledge of who the Devil really is and how he operates.

When the devil established his throne in the Church in pergamum-Rev.2:13, the first thing he did was to kill Antipas, the only Bold faithful witness of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who truly understand the true nature and true identity of the Devil, and as well is very eager to expose him. With the death of Antipas, the Devil concealed the truth about his true identity. He has continued to kill everyone {spiritually and physically} that has the same truthful knowledge about him as Antipas had, so as to protect the exposure of his true identity.

He established the two pillars of deceit in the Church on which the Churches are being manipulated till date. These two pillars are the teachings of Balaam and the teachings of the Nicolaitans, that is, the teachings of the false teachers and false Prophetsrespectively-Rev.2:14-15. These are two of the Devil's machinery which will be discussed in details in this study. Meanwhile, there is need to first of all understand the Devil's true identity and expose the false doctrines most Churches have been ignorantly propagating for more than One thousand, three hundred years now.

In the first place, most Church Leaders have unknowingly identified with the Devil more than they have identified with God, the Creator and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They do this by propagating false teachings which are contrary to the teachings of Christ, while thinking that they are teaching the right doctrine. The Bible says "Whoever that teaches a different doctrine and does not AGREE WITH THE TRUE WORDS OF OURLORD JESUS CHRIST and with the teaching of our Religion is swollen with pride and knows nothing. He has an unhealthy desire to argue and quarrel about words and this brings on jealousy, dispute, insults, evil suspicions and constant arguments FROM PEOPLE WHOSE MINDS DO NOT FUNCTION AND WHO NO LONGER HAVE THETRUTH. THEY THINK THAT RELIGION ISA WAYTO BECOMERICH 1 Tim. 6:3-5. This is the situation that abounds in most Churches today, where they emphasize on financial breakthrough, prosperity and other material blessings more than they talk about righteousness, love and truthfulness.

Apostle Peter lamented "False prophets Appeared in the past among the people and in the same way, False teachers will appear among you.

They will bring in destructive untrue doctrines and WILL DENY THE MASTER WHO REDEEMED THEM and so they will bring upon themselves sudden destruction.

Even so, MANY WILLFOLLOW THEIR IMMORALWAYS and because ofwhat they do, Others will speak evil of the way of truth.

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