The Gospel Truth Series: Exposing the Deep Secrets Of Satan (Chapter 5, page 2 of 3)

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Chapter 5

The other Four Emperors engage in predominant competition among themselves to gain favor from the Devil and be given a position of honor in the Kingdom of Darkness. They are referred to as 'The Four OX-Horns' - Zech.1:18-19. They are also known as 'The Four Huge Beasts'- Dan.7:3.

Nevertheless, the Devil accords honorable positions and status to the Empires of the kingdom of Darkness, according to the function or task they have been mandated to execute. Although not the most important, the Reserved Empire occupies the first position in the kingdom of Darkness. The Empire is known as "The Desert Empire or "The Empire of Sin, where every act of sinfulness is resolved. This Empire is governed by a no nonsense Demon known as AZAZEL.

In the Scriptures, we read

"When Aaron has finished performing the ritual to purify the Most Holy Place, the rest of the tent of the LORD'S presence, and the alter, He shall present to the Lord the live goat Chosen for AZAZEL.

He shall put both his hands on the goat's head and confess over it ALL THE EVILS, SINS AND REBELLIONS of the people of Israel AND TRANSFERTHEM TO THE GOAT'SHEAD.

Then the goat is to be driven off into THEDESERT by someone appointed to do it.

The goat will CARRY ALLTHEIR SIN AWAY WITH HIM into some uninhabited land.


The Desert Empire is a place where 'Sin or Rebellion' is taken care of. The Devil inaugurated this Empire when he introduced sin or rebellion against the laws of God in the Garden of Eden. Thus, the Empire is the originator of Sinfulness and so has the responsibility of handling cases related to sinfulness, rebellion, and disobedience.

The Desert Empire is responsible for the punishment of Fallen Angels and Fallen Human Beings, who are found wanting or who disobeys either the Laws of God or misbehaves in the kingdom of the Devil. Once the Grace of God departs from any being (Spirit or Human), Azazel will automatically take over, just as darkness automatically takes over once the light is put off.

The Scriptures indicated practical instances where Azazel, without waiting for a second, took over the human being immediately the grace of God departed. In the account given by Prophet Daniel, we read

"THE SUPREME GOD MADE YOUR FATHER Nebuchadnezzar a great king and gave him dignity and majesty.

He was so great that people of all nations, races, and languages were afraid of him and trembled. if he wanted to kill someone, he did; if he wanted to keep someone alive, he did.

He honored or disgraced anyone he wanted to.

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