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ACCION USA, 100 PEACHTREE STREET, SUITE 700, ATLANTA, GA 30303, 404.521.0594, Fax: 404.521.0597, Email:, website: A non-profit organization that provides credit to small business owners who cannot access commercial loans. Through loans and other business services, Accion USA helps men and women build their businesses and contribute to the growth of their communities.

ASTRIVE STUDENT LOANS, 1-800-994-7494. Money for tuition, a new laptop, room and board. Get up to $30,000 a year. An Astrive loan is unsecured, which means it requires no collateral, and private, so it's light on the paperwork. It's available for students, and they usually need a co-signer.

FARM HOME ADMINISTRATION or the U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE OFFICE. Contact nearest office to you area. Has outright grants of non-interest loans for low-income families in rural areas to fix up their homes.

FEDERAL MONEY RETRIEVER, IDI Magic Technologies Corp., PO Box 97655, Las Vegas, NV 89193, 1.800.804.5270. Grants and loans. Database software program economy download, $39.95 or CD-Rom, $51.95 + S/H. It is the premier software for individuals interested in applying for government grants and loans.

FEDERAL STUDENT FINANCIAL AID PROGRAM, PO Box 8, Washington, DC 20044, 1.800.848.0979, 315.738.6634, Fax: 800.848.0984, 800.848.0983 (TDD), website: Grants (no repay) or low-interest loans for college training and education. Funding your education, call 1.800.433.3243 and request Federal financial aid publications, information about applying for Federal aid.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR FEMALE EXECUTIVES (NAFE), PO Box 3052, Langhorne, PA 19047, 1.800.927.6233, website: Offers 125,000 members $5,000 to $50,000 in venture capital and members have access to low-interest loans. Helps members achieve career success and financial security.

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