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The newly updated edition of the Single Parents' Cash and Sources Guide is a resource guide for single parents seeking new opportunities to improve their financial and other circumstances.

It contains information on foundations, loans and grants as well as contacts for support groups, networks, single parent organizations and newsletters and publications for single parents.

A reader of this guide can find out how to get free eyeglasses, furniture, clothing, shelter, food, cars, car repairs, and help with energy needs and other necessities.

Also, listed are children's and women's rights groups, sponsorship agencies that help needy children, and women's groups that help other women and much more.

Read this guide carefully and you will find valuable information in it that could change your life immeasurably.

We welcome your input and suggestions and would like to know of any success you may have from using the Single Parents' Cash and Sources Guide!

While we endeavor to give accurate names and addresses and phone numbers sometimes this information changes before we can update it. Please inform us of any outdated information so we can give accurate information in our upcoming editions.

While the publisher has endeavored to use accurate names and addresses, there is no guarantee as to their complete accuracy. They are submitted as information only and the reader should verify information directly as the publisher is not responsible for any business arrangements or contacts made through the use of the information contained in this publication. We cannot ensure the accuracy of printed material after the date of publication.

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