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Chapter 8

Secret #2: Choosing an Online Dating Service Selecting the right online dating service can be quite tricky. For making the right choice, you need to be sure exactly what you are looking for. There are many types of services, some of them very high profile, that gives you a lot of facilities. Some are meant exclusively for particular religious or ethnic communities. The number of online dating services for Muslims is growing continuously.

The sheer number of available services will be enough to leave your head spinning. So, you must get over your initial confusion and proceed carefully to make your final choice. Your choice will be determined by what is actually important for you. The more famous and high profile services boast of more features, but are usually geared to dating individuals. These services have a global membership, which means you are in for a problem if you are looking for someone in your immediate neighborhood. Now, the Internet is all about wiping out borders and widening our horizons, isn't it?

You may have to face different situations while communicating online. While the opposite sex in your own area or country may play hard-to-get with you, you may be considered a babe or hunk by potential partners in another area or country. It's a matter of perception as we don't judge all things or people the same way.

With the growing popularity of such online services, it has become a big business. You now find several services that cater to every need of yours, including even the ethnic and the religious. You will find plenty of services catering exclusively to Muslims, if you so desire. Those services might act as stepping stones on your way to 'mehndi,' 'baraat' and finally 'nikkah.' There's every probability that you'll find an online dating service that will lead you to the one person on earth that you are so eagerly looking for. Don't forget that they are looking for you, too. Right there on the Internet!

Muslim online dating sites mostly target singles who are looking for friendship, romance, and finally, 'nikkah' or marriage. These sites help you to make friends with other Muslims from each and every continent. You can find your would-be spouse as near or as far as you desire. All Muslim online dating services will offer you free trial. It is better to find out as much as possible before upgrading one's membership.

Suitable service As there are so many online dating/matrimonial services on the Internet, choosing the right one among them is not so easy. What's more, making the right choice is extremely important for a successful online experience.

Cost The cost varies widely depending mostly on the additional facilities the services offer. So it makes sense to decide beforehand how much money you are prepared to commit. Are you keen on a free trial before you buy? If you are, most Muslim online sites will readily oblige you. How long do you want the trial to continue? Do you want to insist on a money-back guarantee? It's up to you to decide these things.

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