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Chapter 8

Here are the seven secrets to success in online dating!

Secret #1: Understanding the Unwritten Rules Over 40 million singles, a huge number of them Muslim, are now using, or have used, an online dating/matrimonial service. This is the finding of a recent survey. The magnitude of this business is massive, and that has produced a whole new era of dating with its own rules.

We are all aware of the rules about how to stay safe on the Internet. Never give away your personal details and don't trust everybody, we have been told umpteen times.

But do we all know the unwritten rules? Yes, there really are some unwritten rules that we should know for online dating success.

Don't expect too much Try to keep your expectations low. It reduces your chances of being hugely disappointed. Better get a pleasant surprise instead. According to recent surveys, almost 96% of people who take part in online dating fail to find a suitable mate. Only a handful can reach the stage of 'nikkah.' And this figure is unlikely to change much in the future too. But why?

The reason is that 96% usually decide to give up just after one or two dates. They lack patience and persistence, the two qualities vital for online dating success. So don't lose heart too soon, try and try again. Keep trying till you find the right match. He/she isn't likely to be too easy to achieve; your partner certainly demands some efforts on your part. Never expect that you can finalize the plans for your 'baarat' only after a chat or two.

Don't look overeager Don't respond to the email right away, take your time. Otherwise, you will expose your eagerness to your suitor.

Your response should be thoughtful and appropriate. Make it a point not to respond on holidays or weekends. It will make you look too eager or too desperate.

Try to tell the truth Telling the truth is extremely important in online dating. When writing your profile, you should never give false information to glorify yourself. If you, Sarafraz Ahmed, weigh 49 kg, don't raise it to 61 kg in your profile for the fear of being ignored. Just be yourself. If you lie about yourself, these will be exposed the moment you meet your companion in person. And you will lose your credibility and perhaps destroy any hope of making it a permanent relationship with a fairy tale ending.

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