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Chapter 2

So if you're still waiting, pull up your socks and join the party. Mind you, your coveted partner could just be a few mouse clicks away.

And if you were asking if such online links really worked, the answer is plain and simple: yes, it does. But, there is a catch. And what's that? The catch is, the job isn't that easy. You have to spend some effort and time to get what you want. You are most likely to be disappointed if you expect a miracle overnight.

There are various online dating/matrimonial sites catering to every possibility. These include religious inclinations, single men, single women, and people looking for marriage, and so on. To begin with, you must find an online dating site that meets your own requirements, goals and desires. Being a Muslim, you obviously wouldn't want to join a site that caters to Jews or Buddhists.

If and when you become a member of a Muslim online dating service, you will get the opportunity to make friends with Muslim men and women from all over the world. Sharing your feelings and experiences with fellow Muslims will strengthen your beliefs as well as everyone else. What's more, you can find your true soul mate in the process.

You must write a fantastic profile and post a picture. Try to remain honest, it's important. If you can be funny and original, your profile will stand out among thousands. The picture should be flattering but it must show the real you. .

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