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Chapter 2

More and more people are now taking part in online dating. Its popularity has increased steadily over the last few years. With each passing day, more and more Muslim men and women are becoming members of several Muslim online dating sites that have become popular. And, this not without reasons! Here are some of them.

One important reason is volume. You always find a countless number of people online who share the same objective: of finding a suitable spouse. The supply is getting bigger and also changing in character with the increase in popularity of such services.

Another reason for its popularity is its wide net. You can email, chat with, and talk on the phone to various potential candidates. Decide whom to cultivate and whom to discard, and if you fail to find anyone on your first attempt, keep trying. For the shy type, online communication is a great option as it avoids the possible awkwardness of a first meeting. The first meeting is always a difficult proposition, for which online exchange helps you to know a person really well before you find yourselves facing each other. Thanks to online introduction, you don't have to meet a complete stranger.

Online communication is inexpensive. All you need is an Internet connection and a membership to a reliable online service. Most of these services offer you a free trial.

All it will cost you is a few dollars to communicate with hundreds of people you might be interested in. You don't need to pay for a single dinner date, movie ticket, or even a cup of coffee.

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