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Chapter 6

The online boom is just amazing! It has gained tremendous popularity at an unprecedented speed. This is because it can fit into the hectic, fast lives of the present times. We all work a minimum of 40 hours a week; some of us even more, just to make a living. Adding everything else, there is little time left for social activity except for weekends. That's where the Internet steps in as our savior - we use it in whichever way we can.

As we don't have the time to go out shopping, we buy online the things we need. We make our payments online because we don't have the time to write out paper checks, put them in paper envelopes, lick stamps and visit the neighborhood post office.

It's the 21st century for you!

So if we can use the Internet for everything else, what's the wrong in using it for our social needs? It is just idiotic to think that the love of our lives is going to stumble into us in the fruit vendor's shop in the local market.

Isn't it much more sensible if we make better use of our time and resources to go through hundreds of profiles and pictures in a single evening than to leave one of the most important decisions of our life to chance? Yes, it certainly is.

Here is a true story. Nurturing all possible reservations against this new phenomenon called online dating, a religious leader at a California mosque ventured into it to see it for himself. What he discovered was a huge and still growing community of Muslims seeking other Muslims online. Their main objective was not 'dating' in the familiar Western sense; they were focused on finding a suitable spouse using the Internet as a matchmaker. There is little surprise that just a year later, he himself married a woman he met on the site.

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