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Chapter 4

A dreamer dreams on his own message. His message could be in the realm of riches based on whatever he himself defines as the ingredients of His own wealth.

Hopefully, you will join the same choral group whose call to sing is to sing the hymn of success.

You can be your own dove of success for you are able to lay your own golden eggs. "You can get it if you really want" sang a good raggae musician, Mr. Jimmy Cliff. In none dis-similar token, one cannot get it; that should one dream not to really want.

I shall always advise people; not only to Dream Big Dreams, but also to Develop the Will Power to make the dreams come true. Do not let others' opinion determine your fate or your action: You have a mind which its creator believes is good enough for you. Use it. If you have learnt not to allow "what others might think" determine your action, you have learnt something very necessary in making a tough decision. With that quality alone, your chance to succeed is very high.

History has a way of making people learn from the past. Had Hippocrates relied on "what others might think" in "5th-4th century B.C., he would not have made the bold medical experiments on life human being when "such a thing which he did" was regarded as a taboo.

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