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Chapter 4

(The Third Stride To Amazing Success)

I tend to dispute the idea that there is; relatively, limited natural resources available to create abundant riches for everyone. What we do have, however is limited view of the abundant wealth available for human creative exploitation.

Wherever there is a political suppression; be it by force or psychological insinuation, the people will be prone to resent it. Why? Because suppression of the human will to succeed is morally reprehensible . The people will continue to cry for freedom like a desperate mot-her searching for her son who is just kidnapped. They will continue to cry for it till that heavy burden is lifted from their shoulders. Mass demonstration for or against abortion in the United states is a case in point. Rallies against racism, apartheid and exportation of murderous weapons to the war torn distant places do demonstrate that something is amiss with the powers that be.

Everyone in this world can become a millionaire, if and only if everyone would not only see the need to become one, but also apply the necessary will power to become just that.

Create your own success, and do it with the help of those who will aid you along the way.

Some people are greedier than others. Doubtless, they exploit to their own interest more of nature's abundance than they need. The same people often forget, The more the earthly resources are exploited or taken' away, the faster the ease with which nature deploys in replenishing its depleted abundance.

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