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Chapter 7

Hippocrates had a similar fate. He and his followers were condemned by established dogmatists of their time. But today, every medical profession follows the oath of Hippocrates wherever such a service is rendered.

There is something desirable in the ways Eternal Persisters handle their goals. Quite remarkable, their many a legacy shines supreme, not at the points of their persecutions, but immediately things seem like their dreams are forgotten.

It is equally note-worthy, there is no worthwhile achievement, given the trend of human civilization, that was not made in the face of overwhelming opposition. Take a look at a variety of cultural revolutions world over; the inventive accomplishments our world has known; and the amazing dimensions in the fields of new thinking. They are nothing short of overwhelming wonders in a world which all it had were "nothingness and void."

True to their name, persistent people are earthly trail-blazers. What a credit, every civilization is blessed with such a wonderful few. They are amazing. Are they not?

"Advising" is the cultural menu of loafers endowed with less inventive minds. One would see them posturing "sympathetic" for the "mentally deranged" folks, as you noted in the cases of Wright Brothers and Hippocrates. You should not forget now that discouragers contributions are so equal to the qualities of their conducts. They increase their discouragements by their constant declaration of doom to those who think and do things differently from the way "they" and other ignorant masses do.

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