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Chapter 7

(The Endurance Phase Of Success).

Persistence, dictionary defined is "the act of persisting". This is nothing but an inner fire that does not quench. A persistent person is stubborn to his cause. He is the one with a goal as the "fuel" that refuels his consuming ambers.

It is good to persevere when the goal in mind is a goal that would bring a needful and useful change. Take a look at the making of air transport system: the Wright Brothers for example, were a premium mobile for our modem air transport revolution.

A persistent person is either born or, he is self-made. Who could image what the two men went through when they were making the breakthrough?

They were seen by their peers as "insane." Some of those who "loved" them tried to confine them; out of their ignorance in the quarters reversed for the mentally deranged members of the society. The ignorant masses could neither accept nor understand the sophisticate wave of revolution which was sweeping through the minds of the two brothers.

One must not forget, though, those "friends" of the Wright Brothers did what they did by "out of love". Ignorant as those "friends" were, they did what they did not knowing that they were dragging human progress a thousand years behind schedule! Luckily for our world and its civilization, the two "insane" brothers did not give up.

One would wonder how many human breakthroughs have been ably frustrated by well-meaning friends and relatives due to ignorance. Thanks to the Wright Brothers' stubborn rebellion, the two men closed their ears from the "good and wise" advises by uninformed psychoanalysts who knew better about "human behavior" but knew nothing about inventive persistence.

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