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The Inherent Fact That Your Association With nose Who Have Already

Been There Will Help You Tow Your Boat A Great Deal.

You cannot make a game of a big boar if you are only hunting for an ordinary

rat. Rest assured. It will only be a waste of time associating-, with

failures, should one falsely believe that their counsels would do him any


You can be all you want to be provided you really want to be. I wish I could

be with you physically while you read these lines. I do also wish you and I

would discuss these points blow by blow as you move on this road-map to


I am here to help you succeed. If this be not so, I then do not know what else

a good friend is meant for. This can only happen on mutual agreement for

your own betterment.


Is it not time to break away from the ruts? Money may not be all the things

one would need. But it never hurts to have it when one needs it. Be patient

as we go along.

From one chapter of this book to the next, you will see the same idea

emphasized and re-emphasized. This is a proven method, done in several

ways just to wrap it round and round your subconscious mind for your

overall enrichment in return.

It will also be a waste of time if you, after reading this book decides not to

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