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Anybody can be a star. Success which one searches for at a distant place is

likely to be within him. If indeed you are interested in your own success, I

will be glad to tell you a few things about it. First, remember that no one

will ever succeed unless he sees himself as something for which he desires to

be. To make it, most of what you need is nothing but a practical horse sense

idea. Some labor of love, and friendly supports will help you tug your

boat through.

Many people ride through life with less material accumulation than few

others. They work very hard with little or nothing to show for their efforts.

They “feel” that they are “destined” to failure. Indeed the way they feel find

expression in their lifestyle. This of course becomes a self-fulfilling


One thing for sure, such people often do overlook: The “honest, hard-working

folks have unwittingly surrounded themselves with “friends” whose

outlooks on life is drowned in thoughts of lack, poverty, and gloomy hope.

They see no way out of any difficulty which might confront them. Due to

the tendency of their association, they turn out to think and reason like

those “friends” with whom they associate.

“Birds of like feather fly together” is a correct figure of speech with regard

to either success or failure. If indeed you want to succeed, Do Not Overlook

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