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Chapter 3

In the United States, for example Mr. Roosevelt was a cripple. His condition was "a good reason" enough for him to give up all hopes and become nothing but a professional beggar. Yes, a few charity donors would have given him a few dimes and dollars if he had chosen to sit by the roadside; like a beggar, begging for money.

Doubtless, he thought about such a prospect, dauntless he chose an so alternative route. His handicap did not stop -him. People who knew him regarded him as an enormously proud man Perhaps his pride was the factor that transformed a would-have been professional beggar into a great, and an amazing president of the United States.

Deduce from these success stories, you who think that physical impediment can impede your success. Perhaps your own difficulties have no bearing with the problems which those great men encountered; I do not have any way of telling. However, one must not forget, the hardships those people conquered in the past are the same issues similar to mankind.

Now, one could narrow this further. There is a man who is a sensational center of Massachusetts gubernatorial race. He is the man who wrote the book, "Straight Shooting". He is not only a head of a first-rate academia, but also the "inexperienced" political "outsiders" who the political "insiders"

are afraid of.

A closer look at the man will reveal a man, either by accident or something, I cannot tell, is deprived of a right hand. His physical deprivation is inconsequential when compared with the amazing accomplishments of his brain power. This man is no other than Dr. John Silber.

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