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Chapter 3

(The Second Stride to Amazing Success)

Motivation is provision of an incentive which generates ardent zeal in pursuit of a desirable goal. Motivation is a function of enthusiasm. 'Mis enthusiasm is a myth; but, it works.

Often times, people talk about such issues as "self-fulfillment", "self-fulfilling prophecy" or an "omen" without much elaboration on how each of them works.

Self-fulfillment can only be gotten from a desirable goal when ever there is an emotional attachment while in pursuit of that objective which one so fervently does desire. A self-fulfilling prophecy has a way with an individual's beliefs and his beliefs' inclinations. For a prophecy to come true, a beliefs inclinations must be carried out; of course, by as a result of tenacity due that same belief.

An omen is a premonition. It can be a warning before evil befalls; or a sign prior to good things coming to the persons way.

'Mere is an amazing way through which an event finds actualization in the life of a person "destined" either to "fail" or to "succeed". For example, King Chaka, the Zulu became a great leader through the chains of events.

Major General Aguiyi Ironsi became a Nigerian Military Statesman by forces of circumstance. It was also the same events that took him through the gates of portals.

Harcourt White was a leper in Uzuakoli leper colony. One would have thought that his own God had done him in. From that type of gross condition, he found the need to use his vocal talent for the benefit of mankind.

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