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Chapter 1

The devil will tele-terrorize you, and your dreams; but, God will teleadvise, and tele-comfort you…Even as the devil would tele-scare, and horrorize you, a good, and a loving God would tele-amaze, and lead you to success.

Tele-trust in God, even though you do not, at present, have the power, nor the means to tele-view Him with your mortal eyes…Yes, at least, you can tele-talk to Him, and tele-understand His love,His dream, and even His desire for you…Yes, it is His paramount dream to lead you to the rivers of success…It is His passion to tele-guide your path.

Yes, it is within His tele-heavenly imagination to tele-direct you, even in His paths, and ways…Yes, God is ready, even tele-ready, to crown your light of victory with His DIVINE EMBODIMENT, even as you teletrust Him…He will neither mis-lead you, nor forsake you in the terrors, and, in the dark-heat of uncertainties.

Yes, trust in God; yes, I say, trust also in these words of inspiration.

God will tele-prompt your reason, and even your reasoning potentials, with the power, and right light of enlightenment.

EVEN MORE AMAZING: Believe it, or not, what you just opened has power enough to turn your present life condition inside-out.

Really, everyone has that special 'something' which will 'enable' him make giant strides to amazing success. The 'thing' you have in your hand is a new tool.

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