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Chapter 1

The Amazing Thing:

Life is an amazing phenomenon…a grand, successful moment at that…Yes, there is a perfect time, and a total limit to everything under the sun…Indeed, there is a unique time to live, and a profound limit to the phenomenal existence.

Everything, in this blessed universe, goes even to re-assure us that there is life, and, there is also death. Yes, even with the blessed re-assurance, we are constantly reminded that, surely, the very world, in which we live, is not our blessed home.

Yes, the planet, earth, is an alien land, made of pure void. Yes, it would even be a perfect grand illusion to surely pretend that the planet, earth, would offer us a perfect home…No, it would never do so.

Really, there is a realm, a perfect place far away from the furtherest sky of human imagination…It is a wonderful realm…a blessed sky of human home…It is a realm built by the power of Divine Love, word, power, and even with the best part of his heavenly imagination… It is the very home of the blessed, the streets of angels, and even the perfect place for the righteous human soul. Yes, the home is eternal home; however, it is not every soul, now alive in this planet, earth, that would go there.

True, God and the devil are tele-active, in their opposite ways…the devil will tele-create some problems for you; but, God will tele-guide the solutions…The devil will tele-send a new set of awesome questions; but, God will tele-provide the answers, to rectify them.

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