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Chapter 8

Human mind is a treasurer. It is the cream to human success. No one can attach any value to the precious things the mind can bring.

Whatever a mind can store in its treasury, the subconscious mind; nature will venture to create its physical equivalent. For every material creation is an outgrowth of combined efforts of mind and nature.

Never allow anyone to lend you his. poverty by the power of his unneeded opinion. Everyone is tight with his own purse of generosity, especially, the wise, successful people when an occasion warrants trading ideas with minds filled with negativisms. War of nerves can only intensify ones resolve to do his desires.

If a person can change his mind, he can as well change his attitude. Such is the amazing power of the human mind.

I do hate poverty; not the poor people, so should you. I dislike failure. But I learn an amazing lesson from it. If you think it is quite worldly to aspire for success; think twice before you swallow an alarmingly poisonous concept.

Wrong thoughts, self-defeating ideas are outgrowths of wisdom turned upside down. Anyone who permanently dwells with them; his Maker ought not, and may never forgive.

Negative mind is success enemy number one. It is the peak of wickedness for someone to constantly saturate his or her subconscious mind with thorns that make for destructive tendencies.

Mind is an awesome machine. Its gears are sharp, two-edged bayonets.

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