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Chapter 8

(The Invisible Store-House Of Human Creations)

Of all tangible assets created, human brain is, functionally, the amazingly greatest. Conversely, the human mind ranks the foremost among the untouchable endowments bestowed on the earth.

Structurally, the amazing mind is divisible into two thrilling components: The conscious and subconscious mind. There are however, some psychic units which psychologists named Id, ego, and super-ego.

"Id" or the core of innate power. This is the instinctive impulse modificable by the "ego" or "self '. "Ego" or the "I" is the conscious quite fundamental to psychoanalysis.

"Super-ego", being unconscious, unconsciously does psychoanalyze perceived values, standards or morals.

Functionally, the conscious mind is prone to elements of analysis. It is comparable to a person sitting in front of an apple computer, with his fingers on the computer key board. He feeds in the information. His computer responds accordingly.

Subconscious is beneath the conscious level. It is here that all command inputs are carried out with no conscious point on inputs' analysis 'Me subconscious one is just the mind-computer awaiting information inputs.

The conscious mind demands absolute obedience of the subconscious one.

The subconscious one does obey without question. Consciously, the subconscious is unaware of its unconsciousness. The subconscious is sub-regioned in the primitive part of the human mind. Some mind-evolutionists see the mind's unconscious as the mind's part that needs some improvement.

It is a credit to the intensive studies of the working mechanisms on the human mind. More credits to the deductive experiments on the need to improve the unconscious part of the psychic whole. Obviously, such a mind betterment will be gotten through refined subliminal fluctuation. That, seductively applied with aim to greater and amazing mind's creativities.

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