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Chapter 5

To succeed, one must constantly decide to try again. Many a great man who makes a prompt decision and follows it with action has a greater chance of success than the person who finds "good reason" to either delay or cash-out from a worthwhile, yes decision-demanding endeavor. That procrastinator cannot put up with the demand for a tough decision.

One thing I like very much about African heritage is that it is filled with thoughtful proverbs, Colorful folklores and idiomatic expressions graced in wisdom. An African saying goes "In the land of peri-winkles, everyone is equal because everyone is a king with a shelly crown on His head."

Oh, how they will laugh at you should you fail. Oh how happy failures would live to have you a member of their group. If you try and fail, they will tell you "I told you so" Will you listen to their "I told you so." if you want to succeed?

When you give up, they recognize you as part of them. They teach you how to live from hand to mouth. They tell you "all hands are not equals without any toot to interpret it. Again they tell you "forget about the lucky stars born with silver spoons in their mouths." Others are always "lucky", never them. They believe that they are cursed. Indeed they are.

Destitution, helplessness, homelessness and hopelessness become their cordial friends as the days pass by. They enjoy their equality because everyone of them wears his or her shelly crown. Oh my friend, if you have that type of crown, if you are an integral member of that "crowned kings," it is not too late to come out of that shell. Dope addicts see themselves as "kings." So do other members of failures.

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