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Chapter 5

(The Crucial Stride To Your Goal)

In a world of plenty many people are plentifully poor due to their variety of indecisions. If a choice is given certain people between risky abundant opportunity and relatively scarce security they would cow into choosing the second alternative.

Why? Because they fear risks. Why fear risks? Because risks would task their decisions. Perhaps they do not know, the gap between stars and mediocres is purely a question of decision. Pure and simple.

Decision is the decisive line into or out from success. Decide now, if you want to succeed. Do not just decide, but decide to do something with your decision.

A winner who decides to do, does something about it. A winner makes a decision and sticks to it. But tell a loser this, his short-coming will show itself either in his lack of decision, or his delay in carrying out any decision he happens to make.

Lack of decision does not only dull intelligence, it also kills off desirable goals.

Decision is likely to be the most important stride to success. Success is a product of human contentment. And that is directly, a function of an individual's thought pattern.

Many people at all ages are not satisfied due to unrealized dreams. They failed to accomplish their desired objectives as a result of procrastination and indecisiveness. Often, the thoughts of having failed "in life" tends to be a new motivating factor to try at least again. In some cases, however, the same thoughts of failure become "the last straw", making it quite impossible to think of trying again. They think it impossible to make something out of failures.

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