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Chapter 2

Seek out something more rewarding. Get out from the cloud. Commence a new you. You will be seen on the top of the world.

There is no getting around the need to become a success in a worthy cause.

What then is worthier 6an an investment one makes to improve his own over-all legacy? It is this type of self-improvement one must constantly give his peak of priority.

Here is the idea packed with possibilities. Oh my, it is not everyone who has gotten hold on this idea. They fear to use it either by omission or by negligence.

Between the ages of creative involvement and uninvenfive metapause retractive inventiveness has waged a world-wide war on mankind and on human progress.

Past Plights With Blessed Hopes: Of all people, the Jews and Blacks are the ones who have suffered the most.

The Jews, however, have received such an Amazing Blessings, so great to imagine.

It seems, though, the Blacks who still share the Blessings of Hardship are eternally trapped by the pangs of destiny. In an ideal world, things should not be so. Blacks are not less God worshipping than any other human race.

Blacks are not less intelligent, nor less hardworking than any other human race. Blacks are not uglier, nor less deserving than others. What then is the problem with the Black race? Why then should Black people be the poorest race in the whole world?

Something is got to change; and that very soon. In South Africa alone majority of that gold rich nation live in worst form of penury. In Australia, the Papua, New Guineans is a symbol of Black condition in that continent. In Europe, Western Europe in particular, Blacks are looked upon as something less than descent. The British authorities always treat Black leadership with open contempt.

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