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Chapter 2

(The Initial Stride To Success)

If you can tolerate success and what it takes to succeed; then, you will surely recognize your true mission in life.

Some people fail, not out of desire but due to their deprivation of the essence of human existence.

Modification by intensive restructuring increases utility. For example, a bar of iron could be valued at $10.00.When that piece of iron is used in a ship manufacture its new value increases.

In addition, should one decide to use a similar valued piece of iron to manufacture needles or galvanized components of microchips, there would be a dramatic rise in worth of the restructured piece of iron.

Let us have a look at a different value addable unit-human being.

Theoretically speaking, the "more learned" a person is the "more useful"

he becomes to the society. Assuming this proposition be true, then, a primary school person is more "valuable" to the society than a complete illiterate. And a high school graduate is "more useful" than an elementary six graduate.

By the same token, a university graduate is "more useful" to a society than all the other "less educated" people. But, from a practical viewpoint, education alone does not determine a success or lack of it in life.

I have always believed, it is not a good thing to be an employee of another person if you do have enough money to be your own boss. You will spare yourself all unneeded insults and humiliations. Commonly, though, bosses do exist who are not versed in the proper ways to rechannel their personal difficulties. Their problems could be home related issues, matrimonial disharmonies, and some inabilities to relate to sick relatives. Such bosses are apt to transfer their burdens to their employees who are only at a loss with regard to the problems facing their employers.

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